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She's NOT the Second Diana

I have my own things to say about the whole comparision between Sophie, Countess of Wessex and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. However, I have to think about what it is exactly that I want to say before I put it here.

In the meantime, my good friend, who goes by Princess Pill, or PPill, online, has a few things to say about the matter, and she gave me permission to use her brief essay on this site. What she says makes a lot of sense.

Take it away, Pill!

I am sick of people insinuating that Sophie is trying to imitate (that looks like it is spelled wrong, but can't figure out what would be right) Diana.

First of all, may I state, that Sophie had the hairstyle Diana had at the end of her life BEFORE Diana did. Before that, Diana had her hair layered. In fact, Sophie has very thin, fine hair, according to her hairdresser, which doesn't offer a lot of alternatives. Diana, on the other hand, had very thick hair with a lot of body.

Secondly--Diana didn't have freckles, and got dark tans. Sophie freckles, and doesn't cover them up--and only gets the lightest of tans. She doesn't try to emulate Diana by covering up the freckles, or getting a deep tan, or using a bronzer to imitate that.

Thirdly--Sophie's shoes are nothing like the shoes Diana wore. With her business suits, they are square toed, thick heeled, very practical shoes, instead of the dress pumps with pointed toes and thick heels that Diana always wore.

Fourthly--Sophie has said she won't be the patron of charities.

Fifthly--Sophie has said she will do royal events only as an accompaniment to her husband--not on her own.

Sixthly--Sophie chose a totally different wedding dress, and type of wedding.

So, please. Can someone explain to me what this woman is doing that makes people think she is "copying" Diana?" What is she supposed to do? Get colored contacts so her eyes aren't blue? Cut her hair in an unflattering style? Dye it an unflattering color-she's had this color for YEARS, and it was her natural color at one time. Get plastic surgery so the profile, from a distance, doesn't look the same? I think it is cruel, and petty, for people to say she is trying to imitate Diana, and capitalize on her, when it seems to me, Sophie has done the best she can to distinguish herself--albeit, she says she admires the late Princess. I hope the press, and the world, will let this young woman find her own way--and not burden her with expectations based on anyone else, no matter how much we value the late Princess of Wales. I think Diana would be the first one to say, "Let her alone--let her be herself." I don't buy that Diana didn't like her--and even if she didn't, I think she would sympathize about this.

Coming sometime in the future, my own views on this whole issue. Please be patient with me on could take awhile for me to get it on the site.

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